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Our chiropractic treatment is unique.

Chiropractic care has many potential benefits including supporting mobility, relieving pain, alleviating tight and sore areas, and increasing stability. If you find yourself struggling to recover after workouts, are experiencing headaches, loss of mobility, or are generally feeling unbalanced, a chiropractic check up could be beneficial in helping you find relief. At WellWay, there are no long-term treatment plans. Our practitioners are able to improve your condition and provide relief within just a few visits.

We Assess Muscle Function as an Indicator, and Re-Test.

WellWay Chiropractors support their patients with a goal of optimizing their nerve and skeletal function to improve overall quality of life. Appointments begin with a baseline exam to assess the nervous system to evaluate if your muscles are turning on and functioning correctly. At each appointment your practitioner will perform an assessment on how your nervous system is functioning at that moment. As a result, your treatment and adjustments are based on what we learn through your muscle function, and we re-test again to ensure the stimulus we gave your body worked! We offer thorough 15-minute appointments with low force techniques available.

We Collaborate on Your Care.

WellWay Chiropractors actively collaborate with other professionals on our wellness team. We are part of a clinical model of care that connects the dots between movement, nutrition, and lifestyle to support your overall health. Our comprehensive services can help you to optimize the work you’re putting in and help you reach your health goals more strategically.


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New patients receive an initial consultation, exam, and chiropractic adjustment for $69.

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Dr. Joel Anthony

Dr. Joel Anthony is a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University with over a decade of chiropractic experience in the Twin Cities metro area. He has had the honor of treating patients as varied as Olympic level triathletes, to infants, and most everyone in between. He has specialized not only in chiropractic manipulation, but in multiple forms of myofascial release, kinesio taping, and rehabilitative exercise.

Dr. Joel considers himself a “true Minnesotan,” having lived all over the state: from the Great Plains, to the Iron Range, to right here in the Twin Cities Metro area. He loves outdoor activities, like hiking and camping, as much as he likes relaxing with music and a good book. He is also fan of gaming, especially when that includes any or all of his three children.

As a Chiropractor at WellWay, Dr. Joel is very excited to work with patients, utilizing his breadth of experience and sense of compassion, to be a part of your wellness team. His chiropractic treatment offers a unique path to improving function and reducing stress, focusing on the individual as a whole, not a simple set of symptoms.