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Lab Testing

In-Depth Insights and Actionable Guidance

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Uncover Key Information About Your Internal Health.

Your health deserves a deeper look than is often received. Whether you want to maintain optimal health, prevent future problems, or navigate through current symptoms, Lab Testing can provide valuable information to make data-driven decisions.

WellWay Lab panels have been hand-selected by our team of health experts to provide a variety of thorough testing options to meet your individual needs. We customize your recommendations based on your individual concerns and goals.

WellWay aims to make Lab Testing as convenient as possible by helping you locate the nearest testing site. We also provide guidance for test kits that can be done from the convenience of home.

WellWay Lab Panels Include:

  • A thorough review of your results by a WellWay Physician
  • A 45-minute interpretation appointment with a Registered Dietitian to ensure you understand your test results and recommendations
  • An actionable plan that includes recommendations for your nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, movement, and any further medical follow up needed

Who can benefit from lab testing?

  • If you are eating well and exercising, but not seeing results. Lab testing can help uncover what may be getting in the way of your goals.
  • If you are experiencing nagging symptoms, with no explanation as to why.
  • If you are managing a condition.
  • If you consider yourself to already be healthy and are interested in preventative care.

Wellness Panels

Wellness panels are designed to provide comprehensive information about your health and wellness. These panels assess blood sugar regulation, inflammation, iron status, a complete look at your thyroid function, cholesterol levels and risks, and Vitamin D status.

Advanced panels can also include a deep dive into cholesterol status (particle size and number) to better assess cardiovascular risk, gluten sensitivity screening, hormone status, adrenal function, antioxidant status, and status of omega 3 fats.

Standard Wellness | $259

Complete Wellness | $299

Comprehensive Wellness | $599

Premier Wellness | $879

GI Testing

Your digestive health is one of the main pillars of the immune system and overall health. Digestion can impact mental health, nutrient absorption, and hormone regulation. While common GI symptoms, like constipation and bloating, are what prompt people to do these tests, there are over 50 different symptoms that can be caused by GI dysfunction, ranging from anxiety, brain fog, fatigue, and weight gain, to eczema, psoriasis, and infertility. The GI assessments available at WellWay can help to identify conditions like leaky gut, assess how well you are able to break down the food you eat, how well you are able to detoxify, and also identify conditions like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and more.

GI Map | Starting at $411

SIBO | $325

Food Sensitivity Testing

96 Foods | $229

184 Foods | $338

Hormone Panels

Understanding your hormonal balance is important and beneficial to help identify the underlying cause for women suffering from infertility, weight gain, fatigue or energy issues, PCOS, irregular cycles, PMS symptoms, mid-cycle spotting, and sleep issues. Additionally, anyone experiencing adrenal fatigue, cortisol dysregulation, low libido, or chronic stress will benefit from a deep dive into hormonal balance.

Complete Hormone Panel | $405

This panel is similar to the Complete Wellness Panel, but has additional hormone analysis (via blood), including:

– Reverse T3
– Testosterone
– Progesterone
– Estrogen: Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone

DUTCH (Adrenal only) | $299

DUTCH Complete | $499

This test is a urine assessment that provides a complete assessment of sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone & androgens) and adrenal hormones.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can be a powerful tool in your short and long term plan to manage
your health. You are born with your genes – your genes don’t change, but what genes are “expressed” can be impacted by your lifestyle and environment. Conversely, your genes dictate what you are predisposed to, which is powerful information to shape your lifestyle, eating habits, movement patterns, stress management strategies, and more. The 3×4 Genetic test is designed to give you a thorough understanding of your genes, and helps to identify specific areas of focus you should give to your lifestyle to manage your short and long term health, and be as preventative as possible when it comes to your health.

3×4 Genetic Testing | $414

Payment Options

WellWay accepts HSA and FSA funds. You can also talk to your Wellness Advisor about using your insurance for select testing.

Payment plans are available! Payment plans allow your payment to be split into two or four monthly payments based on your preference. Payment plans apply to purchases of full panels only, lab panels paid for with insurance or lab testing re-draws are not eligible.

Outside Lab Interpretations

In addition to our Lab Panels, WellWay offers in-depth interpretations of lab tests that you’ve already completed. Labs must be recent (drawn in the past 3 months).


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