6 Signs of Good Health That Have Nothing to Do With Weight

When it comes to health and wellness goals, losing weight is usually at the top of the list. It’s common to think that reaching a healthy weight automatically means good health. And while it does play a role, it’s only one part of a much bigger picture. At WellWay, we help you look beyond just […]

WellWay is the Future of Wellness

The need for true health and wellness innovation has never been greater. We live in a country that boasts more advances in medicine, medical devices, and surgical interventions than any other place in the world. The U.S. is also home to the largest physical activity economy, with more gym members per capita than any other […]

The Health Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Have you ever walked outside after being at a really loud concert or party and felt a huge sense of relief? Or perhaps, you are driving a car, in the dark, are lost, while it is raining, and someone turns down the music so that you can concentrate? Have you ever stopped to wonder why […]

5 Reasons Why Chiropractic Care Should Be a Part of Your Wellness Plan

Chiropractic care treatments usually include adjustments of joints and spinal vertebrae to help the body restore normal nerve function. These treatments aim to improve musculoskeletal dysfunction and interference with your body’s nerve function, which can yield many advantages to your overall health and your quality of life. If you’re new to chiropractic care treatments, you should know […]

Finding Your “Why” to Fuel Your Progress

For many of us, the time spent in quarantine and the uncertainty of how COVID-19 would impact our lives served as a wake-up call. With the lifting of pandemic restrictions and availability of vaccinations, we face a return to some kind of normalcy and a unique opportunity to get intentional about our day-to-day routines. Nearly […]

5 Nutrition Tips You Should Disregard

Have you ever struggled with trying to figure out what nutrition advice to follow? Many of us have tried countless different things and more often than not, these tips come from well-intentioned friends, family or the latest v-logger on YouTube. One of the problems with follow advice from these sources is that you end up […]

5 Things Your Annual Check Up Might Be Missing

Based on a recent poll from the WellWay Community on social media, more than 50% of you are getting labs done with your doctor every year – which is great! Using the benefit of seeing your doctor annually to get lab work done and check in on your health is the first step in prevention. […]

Choosing Quality Supplements 101

It’s a sea of supplements out there! And while our team of health experts support the use of supplementation, that advice comes with a lot of fine print. Supplementation can be extremely effective and helpful when working to improve your health and wellness, but it’s important to make sure you’re taking the right, high quality […]